NFTs have placed the fashion industry at a crossroads. As we spend more time online and as our digital personae grow in importance, owning digital clothes will become a necessity. In the not-so-distant future, digital fashion is bound to grow massively, driven by rapid technological progress of blockchain, AR and VR.

The Problem

Currently, digital fashion is limited due to a lack of supply and quality of the current offerings.

On the one hand, it is difficult for fashion houses to get out of the physical world, as they built their entire history and business model around it. They currently lack the focus and capabilities to enter the digital realm fully.

On the other hand, collectors willing to invest in digital fashion have not yet been supplied with great offerings - either because the quality is underwhelming or because its utility is subpar.

To remain culturally relevant and seize the full potential of this revolution, brands need to react rapidly to this opportunity.

The Solution

Silver Room works with a curated list of some of the world's most iconic fashion houses in the building of their NFT collections. We leverage their brands' DNA and port it to Web3.

The NFTs will be fueled with utility that will bring value to the collectors:

  1. Ownership of part of the history of the house and its fashion
  2. 2D, 3D, and AR capabilities attached to the NFT
  3. Access to the Silver Room shop, a curated shop with exclusive access to unique products and experiences from our partnering brands

The Mission

Our mission is to port the most iconic fashion houses into Web3 by turning their history and DNA into NFTs to delight fashion fans with the opportunity to own the most exemplary digital fashion. We are doing so in a crypto-native way that leverages blockchain technology to its fullest. Our NFT selection will evolve as our number of brand partnerships grows.

The Vision

We believe that digital fashion will be an essential part of our digital identity. Our vision is to build the digital closet for the new digital realm using all of technology’s capabilities. But not just any digital wardrobe. Through partnerships with the most prolific fashion designers, our ultimate goal is to be some of the builders of what high-end fashion will be in the metaverse.

The Team

Because we come from the fashion world, we have a unique outlook and level of trust placed within us by some of the best fashion brands to join Silver Room. We come from blockchain & technology and have developed outstanding software products in the past. We come from creative industries and know what it takes to build beautifully designed 3D, AR, and 2D models (and we hope we know how to create a good story). We come from legal and know what it takes to deliver on fully protected IP shielding stakeholders while giving them utmost value.

Meet the team